A Six-Month Guide

Select the number of months you have left in your lease for relevant information on how to prepare for the end of your lease.

6 Months Prior | Identify New Vehicle Needs | Explore

Explore Lincoln’s latest line-up at Lincolncanada.com — this will help you decide which vehicle you will want to drive next.

To make things simple, we have provided tips and tools to assist in making your decision to Finance or Lease a New Lincoln.

4 Months Prior | Receive Lease-End Mailing | Explore

You will receive a mailing containing information that covers:

If you have any questions after reviewing the mailer, please contact your originating dealer*.

3 Months Prior | Contact Dealer and Discuss your Options | Explore

This is the time to discuss any changes in your vehicle needs with your originating dealer*, whether you plan on financing or leasing a new Lincoln, purchasing your current Lincoln, or returning your vehicle. This is also the time to ask about programs and offers.

2 Months Prior | Prep for Vehicle Inspection | Explore

Since there will be a Lease Vehicle Inspection toward the end of your Red Carpet Lease, decide where you would like it to take place: At your home, office or other location convenient for you.

The inspection will provide detailed information about the condition of your vehicle including an Excess Wear and Tear assessment. This allows you time to complete any repairs, should you choose to return your Lincoln.

1 Month Prior | Schedule Lease-End Appointment | Explore

If your schedule did not allow you to do so earlier, this is the time to contact your originating dealer* and schedule a lease-end appointment to either Finance or Lease a New Lincoln, Purchase Your Lease Vehicle or Return Your Lease Vehicle. This is also a great opportunity to ask about vehicle programs and offers.

Keep in mind that your Lincoln Dealer can provide the repairs, parts, service and the expertise to ensure your vehicle is return-ready.

Lease-End | Return or Finance | Explore

Return to your originating dealer* for your final appointment. Before you go, you may want a quick refresher on the choices available to you:

*Please Note - We are here to assist you from beginning to end in your lease experience. If you have moved, and are now residing more than 200 kilometres from your originating Dealer, you may return the vehicle to any participating Lincoln Dealer. Be sure to contact the respective Dealer for an appointment prior to vehicle return. If you are unable to locate a participating Lincoln Dealer, please contact our Customer Service Centre.